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Name:The City of Roses
Location:Portland, Oregon, United States of America
Posting Access:All Members, Moderated
This community was created to discuss issues, events and goings-on in Portland, Oregon and the surrounding areas.

No classified or personal ads ~ that's what craigslist is for.

Interests (150):

a law for lonny, accepting, activism, air that is clean, aloha, artists, bands, bars, beautiful churches, beaverton, bi, bicycling, bluntness, books, broadway bridge, bull run, cable, cafes, canoeing, caring, chess, children, chinatown, city life, clubs, coffee, college, community, commuting, concerts, conservatives, construction zones, conversation, cornelius pass, crazy, damn drivers, dancing, delta cafe, democrats, dj's, djangos, driving, dsl, educated, elliott smith, etc, everclear, family, first thursdays, fountains, fremont bridge, friends, fun, galaxy, galleries, gay, growing, hawthorne bridge, hearts, hey you, hiking, humanists, i-405, i-5, indies, just do it, karaoke, liberal, liberals, marquam bridge, max train, mcmenamins, microbreweries, microbrews, morrison bridge, mount hood, mount tabor, movies, music, ohsu, omsi, oregon coast, outspokenness, overpasses, ozone records, pcc, peace, performing arts, pioneer courthouse square, pioneer square, pool, poolhalls, portland, portland art museum, portland community college, portland trailblazers, powells, power, pride, pro, protests, punk, rafting, rain, reading, republicans, respect, rock, rollerblading, romance, rose gardens, running, rural living, sane, sarcasm, saturday market, scappoose, shopping, singing, skateboarding, skiing, skylines, st johns bridge, starbucks, starry nights, steel bridge, straight, streetcars, swimming, swinging, that guy, the blazers, the coast, the gorge, the lutz, the portland coffeehouse east, the rose festival, the taija belwood foundation, tragically hip, tri-met, uniqueness, ursula k leguin, vancouver, vehicular homicide, vigils, walking, waterfalls, working, writing, zen
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